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Flevolands 4 mei concert met Mathilde Santing - 4 mei 2017

The Peter Beets Trio performed for the past 12 years as the regular backing band for the famous  and sadly missed jazz singer, Rita Reys .

The trio has since asked Mahilde if she would like to perform together. Mathilde Santing : Rita Reys was one of my role models , so I was honored !

Peter Beets : I have played for many years, in dozens of cities and accompanied many great singers but when I played the song "Falling in Love" accompanying Mathilde Santing, it was extraordinary, I felt “goose bumps” for the first time!
No one can match the performance of Mathilde Santing .
Vocals: Mathilde Santing
piano : Peter Beets
Bass : Ruud Jacobs
Guitar: Martijn van Iterson

Wednesday 7 december om 21:30 uur op NPO3 zendt de AVRO/TROS de aflevering van "Ali B Op Volle Toeren" met Mahtilde uit. Ali laat rapper Jebroer kennismaken met de muziek van Mathilde en vice versa. Ze maken allebei een compleet eigen versie van een beroemd lied van de andere artiest.

Ali B, JeBroer en Mathilde Santing

“A wonderful evening is here”: a new CD by Mathilde Santing is now in stores. (and is also available in the Webshop)

You don’t need  to believe (anymore) in Sinterklaas to find the new CD by Mathilde Santing fun but it helps! "Fast Piet went cycling" is the name of her latest release. 

Radio Worldpremiere of TODD RUNDGREN'S UP AGAINST IT:with Todd Rundgren and the Noord Nederlands Orkest conducted bu Hans Leenders with Mathilde Santing, Wouter Penris and a vocal ensemble from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. A cooperation of the NTR, the NNO and NPO SOUL & JAZZ. Recorded 19th of February in the Oosterpoort in Groningen.up against it 1up against it 2


Following its CD of self-penned songs Half Moons , Whole Truths and Heartbreaks Mathilde gets Sven Ratzke whether she wants to write a song.

Before him CD Songs of a Cabaret in September 2013 sees the light of day and the last song on the album is Mathilde 's song : However it Hurts .


On saturday the 5th of march Mathilde was a guest at undoubtedly one of the most entertaining Dutch radio programmes: Spijkers met koppen, live from Cafe Florin in Utrecht.
Together with her current live tour musicians Bastiaan Mulder (guitar), Paul Berner (bass) and Kim Weemhoff (drums), Mathilde performed 5 Joni Mitchell songs from her new theatre tour "Both Sides Now": Big Yellow Taxi, electricity, In France They Kiss on Main Street and Both Sides Now.


spijkers met koppen
Click here for the clip: Big Yellow Taxi

Listen to the entire program via this link:

On March 25, Mathilde ,with her new band " The Mathilde Santing Band"  played  the North Sea Jazz Club " at the Wester gasworks site in Amsterdam .

As proof to the exceptional quality of  the concert  Mathilde  agreed to share this unprecedented performance with the public. The recording was uploaded onto  YouTube and can be found via this link .

With her new theater show 'Both Sides Now' Mathilde performs the songs of Joni Mitchell.

With her new theater show 'Both Sides Now' Mathilde performs the songs of Joni Mitchell.
Joni Mitchell, one of the living legends of American adult contemporary music; 'River', 'Big Yellow Taxi' and 'Both Sides Now'to name just a few of her classic self-penned songs.Joni's love for music, poetry and art still drives her to this day, and this strong driving force has led her to choosing her own path and carving out a unique niche in the World of contemporary music.

"Be who you are, not who you want to be".

Together with her own select group of super talented musicians Mathilde will take you on a thrilling journey full of emotions with the songs,stories and poems of Joni Mitchell.


Since April 3 , the new campaign for The Telegraph newspaper has been running on television ,the musical soundtrack to which Mathilde provided. The music for the track is a cover of the song Aquas de Marco , which was written by none other than Antonio Carlos Jobim . The advertisement has been enthusiastically received by both people inside and outside the advertising profession.

Click to watch the commercial

“In response to this enthusiasm and a great public response as well as an answer to the many questions and requests we have received about this soundtrack , we  are currently working hard on a full length version of this song, It’s  a very catchy number and  I cannot wait to present the finished single version . "