Mathilde Santing stijgt boven zichzelf uit.

Friday night the 21st of September, Mathilde Santing opened the jubilee season of Cultura De Ronde Venen in an inimitable way. The first concert of her new tour “Recital “was a true experience. Foto Gerard de Haan.

Mathilde Santing started her concert a Capella and the audience in De Meijert hung on immediately to every word. After one minute pianist , Marcus Olgers and Ward Veenstra,

for the evening….. The combination of these three musicians is a match made in heaven. Mathilde Santing has a great sparring partner in pianist Olgers , while Ward Veenstra produces enhancing electronic sounds. He therefore used samples produced by Marcus Olgers’ piano.
That way originated a beautiful cohesion of two styles: traditional piano by Olgers and all that came out of the magic box of Veenstra. Together it sounded fresh, current and still familiar. Add the warm sound of Mathilde Santing and only one conclusion would be possible: this was going to be a special concert.
It was a special evening anyway because the performance turned out to be, as Mathilde told herself, her first concert ever at De Ronde Venen! On top of this she played only self written songs, something she hadn’t done before in her long and glorious career. Her first self written song ‘Given’ was the foundation of many beautiful songs she played at De Meijert. Mathilde presented the songs with short introductions that scored many laughs.
With her new repertoire Mathilde Santing took the audience to the sunny side of life. But the darker sides of that life, like love, desire, sadness and hope were also raised. She also showed her vulnerable side.
She brought in different musical styles, but particularly in the jazzy songs she rose above herself. What became very clear during this evening was that Mathilde is an outstanding craftswoman. She invented herself again and took an outstanding new path.
One can only hope that this path will cross that of Cultura De Ronde Venen once again.