In the July/August edition of Zing Magazine is an interview with Mathilde with the title “technique is bringing in your body”. Mathilde here tells how a singer became a musician and how it is to play music together.

She also talks about singing lessons and the interest of singing technique. She also lifts a corner of the veil called future.

Interview: Elke Jansen.
Photo’s: Franca Sartor and Irma van Rijswijk.

You can order the magazine here.

About totally other things Mathilde talks in the August edition of “Gooische Klasse”. In the interview “Writing your own songs is a devastating intense process” you can read about the new road Mathilde has taken and how she, thanks to a combination of Pilates and weight training, found a new balance. And of course about songwriting.

Interview: Erik Klap
Photo’s: Maud Berger

Info on Pilates:
Weight lifting: