On Saturday the 8th of October, Mathilde, together with about 20 members of Art society “De Kring, was photographed for a so called marksman piece in the series Monument of Mankind.
Although dogs are not welcome in the society, Mathilde’s husky Brutus was also on the photograph

Monument of Mankind is a global project of Henk Wijnen and Wim van Sijl.
The artist duo Wijnen.Van Sijl wants to give a broad as possible image of contemporary mankind.    The monument will be equipped as a gallery consisting of 150 autonomous pieces of art.

Style icon of the gallery is the 17th century marksman piece. After 4 centuries Wijnen.Van Sijl want to add a new chapter to this typical Dutch genre and portray groups of managers, sportsman and –woman, bearers of culture, scientists etc. in so called “New Marksman Pieces”.