On Wednesday, April 2nd Mathilde attended the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to witness a performance by two of her young students who were accompanied by the Jazz Focus and Jazz Mania Big Bands led by Peter Guidi.
The two singers -Mette Bouhuis and Lolo hefting have both received their private singing tutorage from Mathilde at Mathilde 's vocal studio in Amsterdam South.

The singers were accompanied by Ton - Herman Melis (piano ) and Harm van Sleen (bass).
Mathilde has about 15 students regularly singing under her tuition . Mathilde : "My students vary in both age and experience, some are inspired amateurs, some have already completed their conservatory training .Mette and Lolo are lucky , they can sing with a live Big Band -I 'm a big fan of Peter Guidi.
The sound of a Big Band is pretty daunting and to cope with the dynamics and volume ,I help my young students learn how to cope and perform accordingly"