Following its CD of self-penned songs Half Moons , Whole Truths and Heartbreaks Mathilde gets Sven Ratzke whether she wants to write a song.

Before him CD Songs of a Cabaret in September 2013 sees the light of day and the last song on the album is Mathilde 's song : However it Hurts .


On March 25, Mathilde ,with her new band " The Mathilde Santing Band"  played  the North Sea Jazz Club " at the Wester gasworks site in Amsterdam .

As proof to the exceptional quality of  the concert  Mathilde  agreed to share this unprecedented performance with the public. The recording was uploaded onto  YouTube and can be found via this link .

Since April 3 , the new campaign for The Telegraph newspaper has been running on television ,the musical soundtrack to which Mathilde provided. The music for the track is a cover of the song Aquas de Marco , which was written by none other than Antonio Carlos Jobim . The advertisement has been enthusiastically received by both people inside and outside the advertising profession.

Click to watch the commercial

“In response to this enthusiasm and a great public response as well as an answer to the many questions and requests we have received about this soundtrack , we  are currently working hard on a full length version of this song, It’s  a very catchy number and  I cannot wait to present the finished single version . "



On Thursday 5 september Mathilde was invited by Reinout Oerlemans to sing ‘Inspiratie’ during the official opening of the new Eyeworks building. The song has a special meaning for both Reinout and Danielle since Mathilde sang it for hem on an intimate dinner celebrating their wedding.

Foto: Ferry de Kok

The mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan was also present and mentioned Mathilde in his speech, remembering the days when he was a lawyer and his office Kennedy & van der Laan saw Mathilde as their ‘house-vocalist’. Later on Mathilde sang some more and to her delight little Benjamin Oerlemans joined her on stage to dance with her.


On Wednesday, April 2nd Mathilde attended the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to witness a performance by two of her young students who were accompanied by the Jazz Focus and Jazz Mania Big Bands led by Peter Guidi.
The two singers -Mette Bouhuis and Lolo hefting have both received their private singing tutorage from Mathilde at Mathilde 's vocal studio in Amsterdam South.

On the 1st of October A Dividend-concert was organized for the stockholders of the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam.
Mathilde was invited to sing with the Jazz Juniors. This Band is led by Peter Guidi and plays in a real Big Band line-up. Mathilde Emanuel sings and also plays guitar in this band. She is one of the young singing students Mathilde teaches.

Little Mathilde sang 'What a Difference a Day makes' and she accompanied Big Mathilde on guitar in the rubato intro of 'Try a little Tenderness'. After that they sang Mean to Me/Easy Street together and finished the set with 'Hallelujah How I love him so'


On Saturday, February 1 Mathilde gave a Masterclass at the Theatre Monastery in Woerden .
There were four young singers participating that afternoon , all of whom had prepared a song and all the of who are students at the forefront of their respective music studies ,the group therefore represented the most talented and experienced students from the music school.

Mathilde’s return to Berlin was for the audience in the well-filled BKA-Theater a pleasant surprise.
A beautiful blend of old fans, new fans and people from the music industry gave Mathilde Santing a standing ovation after a perfect performance of her theater show RECITAL.

Dress design: Topvintage
Foto: Cornelis Voogdt


In the early hours of Monday November 18th Mathilde opened the fundraising Giro 555 with a sweltering version of God’s Song by Randy Newman.

In an improvised setting, accompanied by Peter Beets, she gave the initiative a very special start.
Later on she joined the telephone panel as well.

Preceding the by the Russian state organized concert “Constellation of Russia” on August 25 COC got and grabbed the opportunity to make its own voice heard.

“Constellation of Russia” is about Russian diversity but unfortunately one important part, namely the Russian anti-LHBT law is overlooked.
Within this voice Mathilde will make her own vocals heard at the Museumplein between 18:00 and 20:00. Be there!


Frank Boeijen and Mathilde Santing: “A Very Special Night”.
On Sunday, December 8th at the Royal Carré Theatre , two celebrated and very respected names from the Dutch music industry: Frank Boeijen and Mathilde Santing are graciously giving a special performance.
Both have been able, during their varied and established careers spanning more than 30 years, to continue to grow and develop artistically. Mathilde with her just released self-penned album “Half Moons, Whole Truths & Heartbreaks” and Frank with his recent project “Suspicion of light” in which art, music and words are combined In a totally unique way.

See the trailer

On September 13 , 14 and 15 in “De Duif” on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam four special concerts take place.

An ode to 400 years Canals of Amsterdam where Mathilde together with countertenor Andrew Hallock are the voice of the city.
Check for the program
On the website of magazine “Zij aan Zij” you can win 2 x 2 tickets.

On Sunday the 8 September, a performance was given in the show "Spiegelzaal" which was broadcasted live on Radio4 (Netherlands). Here you can listen online.