Mathilde bij 'Co live!'

On December 12, Mathilde was guest in Wilfried’s Living-room; a radio show from Wilfried’s living room where she played records by a.o. Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald and John Mayer.

Mathilde thought she would use “a streamer and some pastry” during her anniversary tour Given, but indicated not to know what she would do exactly. Mathilde: I’m still in my “loose phase” and you know me; I fool around a bit………

Friday the 6th of April Mathilde and band are guests at Koffietijd. Mathilde will talk about the current anniversary tour of course perform.

Koffietijd can be seen on RTL4 from 10:00 am on.


Mathilde en Maarten van der Grinten

Together with guitarist Maarten van der Grinten, two times on one night. First an intimate concert at the theatre hall of OBA on Oosterdokseiland for Pink Ladies on Stage/ Lesbian Pride and after that on a tiny stage in the canal in front of the Paleis van de Weemoed for Grey Pride.

Recording at Radio Rijnmond
The suitcases are packed to go on holiday but first, as part of ‘North Sea Round Town’, Mathilde did a living room concert for Radio Rijnmond. In the line-up: Haye Jellema, Marcus Olgers, Reyer Zwart, Maarten van der Grinten and Peter Beuker.

Presenter: Roland Vonk
Broadcast July 10th 17:00 pm

 Opname bij Radio Rijnmond

Een warm welkom


Sunday morning the 4th of March Mathilde was guest with Eva Jinek. Mathilde would already be on the show the Sunday before to talk about singers that ruin their voice, but she hardly had a voice herself that morning because of ruthless cold.”As if the devil had a hand in it, Mathilde twittered last week.

On Saturday the 8th of October, Mathilde, together with about 20 members of Art society “De Kring, was photographed for a so called marksman piece in the series Monument of Mankind.
Although dogs are not welcome in the society, Mathilde’s husky Brutus was also on the photograph


Mathilde Santing stijgt boven zichzelf uit.

Friday night the 21st of September, Mathilde Santing opened the jubilee season of Cultura De Ronde Venen in an inimitable way. The first concert of her new tour “Recital “was a true experience. Foto Gerard de Haan.

Mathilde Santing started her concert a Capella and the audience in De Meijert hung on immediately to every word. After one minute pianist , Marcus Olgers and Ward Veenstra,

In the July/August edition of Zing Magazine is an interview with Mathilde with the title “technique is bringing in your body”. Mathilde here tells how a singer became a musician and how it is to play music together.


Uitgezonden op 15 oktober.

As part of DWDD – the Recording, Mathilde sings on September 11th, live at a sold out Melkweg, accompanied by Cock van Vuuren on guitar, a cover of “The Heart of Life” by John Mayer.

Sound mix by Ronald Trijber

Hair by Iris Ruess

Make up by Selke Stojancic.


 On Monday December 19th the traditional Telegraaf Christmas Concert took place in the Grote Kerk in Naarden.The concert was dedicated to the volunteers of the Netherlands and besides Mathilde other vocalists were Lee Towers, Do, Krystl, Thomas Berge and Marc Canto.

Music center Paul Snoek organizes four master classes in the month of June, given by well known and renowned artists: next to Pia Douwes and Karin Bloemen, also Mathilde and Stanley Burleson make their appearance as a teacher.

The master classes take place at the Theatre hall of “De Hilt” on the Hasselaarlaan in Eemnes and are open to the public: a unique chance to see these theatre personalities pass on their incredible skill and passion to a new generation of singers.
Look for dates and reservation of your tickets on