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Eerste set

Carried away (Fellows, Peake, Bacon & Glaisher)
Yesterday is here (Waits)
Town without pity (Tiomkin & Washington)
I've been wrong before (Newman)
Bad influence (Cray & Fannice)
It wouldn't have made any difference (Rundgren)
Real man (Rundgren)
A hazy shade of winter (Simon)
Polkadots and moonbeams (van Heusen & Burke)
Pullin' back the reins (Lang & Mink)
Hand in hand (Costello)
Nowhere road (Earle)

Tweede set

Dayton Ohio 1903 (Newman)
Old man on the farm (Newman)
Tickle me (Newman)
Living without you (Newman)
Texas girl at the funeral of her father (Newman)
Pretty boy (Newman)
God's song (Newman)
Simon Smith and the amazing dancing bear (Newman)
I can hear your heartbeat (Rea)
It's not unusual (Mills & Reed)
Say you don't mind (Laine)
Oblivious (Frame)
Overnite (Gartside & Gamson)