Terug naar 1996 - Choosy Beggar


All the fun (Dennis Duchhart)

Ain't no way to do (Block)

Beauty of the ritual (van Tijn, Fluitsma, Duchhart)

Bright side of the road (Morrison)

Confuse (Koolhoven, Nijssen, Santing)

Crescendo (Finn)

Don't be afraid of the dark (Walker)

Don't try to tell me (Coleman & Melvoin)

Feed the birds (Sherman & Sherman)

I had a king (Mitchell)

Just one victory (Rundgren)

More (Fellows, Glaisher, Peake, Bacon)

My baby (Hynde)

Point it out (Robinson)

Power of two (Saliers)

Protected (Finn)

Some people's lives (Ian)

Take it up (Wallinger)

The right place (Nevin)

Too big for me (Koolhoven, Nijssen, Santing)

Typical situation (Matthews)

What's so good about goodbye (Robinson)

Where is my soul (Finn & Finn)

You still believe in me (Wilson & Ahser)