“A wonderful evening is here”: a new CD by Mathilde Santing is now in stores. (and is also available in the Webshop)

You don’t need  to believe (anymore) in Sinterklaas to find the new CD by Mathilde Santing fun but it helps! "Fast Piet went cycling" is the name of her latest release. 

A fine collection of well-known ‘Sinterklaas ‘Songs packed into a ‘sack’ full of colourful, surprising and subtle arrangements. From Happy reggae and joyfull Caribbean music, to ballads and everything in between ,is there for you to enjoy. The beautifully expressive voice of Mathilde  takes you on a new magical fantasy -ride through these well known , traditional songs.

Anyone who listens closely will notice that the songs are slightly different from the classic older versions. Children's Writer Koos Meinderts has subtly adapted some lyrics in keeping with, and respect to,  modern day sensitivities around this theme. The accompanying booklet with it’s  beautiful hand-cut illustrations by Geert Aalders looks as good as the CD sounds: a wonderful celebration of tradition with a sensitive modern day interpretation.

Fast Piet went cycling is a publication of Gottmer

Mathilde Santing (vocals) and Geertje Aalders (illustrations)

ISBN 9789025759520

Text editing: Koos Meinderts. Packages & production: Thijs Breasts. This couple won the 2012 Willem Wilmink prize for the best children's song.